Free Download: d3NdRON – "Orbitar"

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Like a War of The Worlds spacecraft spinning down on a Close Encounters of the Third Kind premonition, the warbling intro to “Orbitar” does just that; it orbits in for a killer start. With heavy guitars, and the death wish of a wiling and able digital-rock band, we haven’t heard too much from d3NdRON since their electro-experimental, Beck-sounding single “Döppelgangers,” which was featured on the Happy-fi summer compilation last year. However, “Orbitar” comes with the well expected promise and highly anticipated release of their 6th album, coyly titled Everything Taco. Since their 2000 debut cassette 54321, d3NdRON has given us beer and video game music to die for. The last third of the song switches suddenly into a very Zoe-esque emo love-whine, which we can permit because they pick up the murderous intentions with a malignant finale.

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