Daddy Yankee Still Alive, Despite Rumors

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He’s still got plenty of gasolina. (Har har)

Like a few other slow-Twittering celebrities, Daddy Yankee’s minor absence from social media sparked rumors and false-reports of the regggaetonero’s demise, in this case bolstered by news of a pair of earthquakes that hit Puerto Rico early Saturday.  The oddly specific rumor – the source of which is still unclear – stated that the, um, “artist’s” vehicle flipped on Route 80 (doesn’t say which Route 80), killing him. Social media was as abuzz with talk Daddy Yankee as, I guess, it ever is. Thing is, if you Google “Route 80,” you get this:

See? Lies, all lies. Someone’s been starting rumors of celebrity death, always using the picture at right to showcase the carnage involved in the death of (random celebrity or semi-celebrity), and Twitter and Facebook, being what they are, eat it all up. Daddy Yankee is just the most recent “victim” of these rumors – though, like, big deal, right? People just tweet about how much they love you until they find out you’re still alive. Unlike Bieber and Beckham, however, Daddy Yankee may have blended just the right amount of fame for people to care and just the right level of “Hey, what ever happened to him?” to make the rumor plausible.

Anyway, Daddy Yankee’s website issued a statement:

LOS ANGELES – Daddy Yankee is not dead. A fake Daddy Yankee death story today claims that he has died in a car crash. The story is not only erroneous, and is also not new. The same false report has been used innumerable times to kill off other celebrities this fall. But today, Daddy Yankee fans are furious.

You hear that, America? Furious.

The beast can rest easy one more night, though, knowing Daddy Yankee is alive and well.