Dani Shivers! – "Witch (Los Macuanos afilan el cuchillo remix)"

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It’s already fall and we’re in September so start gearing your creepy Halloween, Day of the Dead, and what not, playlist. Tijuana’s ruidoson pioneers Los Macuanos remix “Witch,” a single from the fronteriza songstress from the same hood Dani Shivers!, making it spookier and dubbier than the uncanny original. “Witch (Los Macuanos afilan el cuchillo remix),” meaning Los Macuanos sharpen the knife, comes loaded with hauntingly reverberated vocals sprawling through the instrumental tune. On a lighter tone, it reminisces a Mario Bros. passage through the quirky and haunted mansions infested with those cute, squishy, marshmallowy-looking ghosts that kill the little Italian dude when you touch them. Nonetheless, word is that both Los Macuanos and Dani Shivers! prepare for their upcoming debuts which we await! Below find the shivery remix available for free download!

Witch (Los Macuanos afilan el cuchillo Remix) by Dani Shivers