Free Download: Dani Umpi – Piano, Vol. I

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Uruguayan singer/songwriter Dani Umpi is mainly known for his upbeat, happy, dance songs. (He’s also known as the guy who daringly invited an unlikely collaboration: Peruvian youtube phenomenon Wendy Sulca and Argentine rock legend Fito Páez singing on the same song).

For his latest release, however, Dani took an unexpected turn. He got rid of the electro beats and recorded live acoustic song versions of his latest album with all the instrumentation provided by a piano (played by Álvaro Sánchez), hence the title of the free EP. The title also says Vol.1 so we assume there’s more where this came from.

Besides his own self-covers, Dani covers Mexican chanteuse Carla Morrison with a great version of “Una Salida” and invites one of our Chilean favorites, Gepe, as the only other guest for this project in “Patas Para Arriba.”

Of course, some songs work out better in this format than others (“Tres pasos” in particular was always meant to be a dance track). But this EP shows us a different side from an already multifaceted performer (he also does really cool visual designs and draws comic books). And since it’s free, it’ll probably help introduce him to other audiences and bring some well deserved extra attention to his previous official releases.