Listen: Daniel Celso (A.K.A. DJ Dacel) – Escape

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We all know him as DJ Dacel, Ana Tijoux‘s touring turntablist and in-studio beat producer. But DJ Dacel a.k.a. Daniel Celso also does plenty of stuff on his own and is recognized in his native Chile as one of the best at it. Escape is the title of his new solo effort, a collection of mainly instrumental joints recorded during his extended stay in Southern California after a tour earlier this year with the French-Chilean femcee.

Done in the tradition of the cut-and-paste masters like J Dilla and MadLibEscape is actually Celso’s second LP (the first one, however, had rappers spitting verses over all the tracks. In this one, he gets to really show off his craft) and it’s an ode to vinyl record digging and sampledelia. With an overall laid back mood and the retro sound of classic, golden age hip-hop, the album will definitely appeal to Tijoux’s fans, but also to beat-heads across the board who aren’t necessarily open to Spanish language rap. Impatient radio-rap listeners and dance-floor-packing, booty-shakers won’t get it, but true school hip-hop fans will definitely dig this one.

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