Free Download: Daniel Klauser – Simply Swag EP

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Two things that in the future we will remember of our current times: the use and abuse of the word “swag” and the overabundance of diamond icons on album cover design. Daniel Klauser‘s debut EP, also debuting on the Diamante netlabel, has both these things so it’d be easy to wrongly dismiss it as a run-of-the-mill digital release. However the sound he’s going for, with a minimalistic approach at early nineties hip-house, clearly differentiates him from the common place in the bass-obsessed electronic dance music global scene.

Sure, the lyrics are annoying and offensive (probably most kids in his hometown, Santiago de Chile, won’t understand why though) but the beats are well crafted and things get even better with the remixes that include one by Nacional RecordsDJ Raff, a supreme eminence in South American turntablism and beat architecture. The press release on the label’s website also talks about some “twist of Latin flavors” somewhere in there, but I honestly couldn’t find any. Still, even if just for Raff’s magnificent track, here’s an EP worth downloading and a label worth following for upcoming releases.

Simply swag #DMNT 001 by Diamante Label