DannyLux’s ‘Perdido En Ti’ Is the No. 1 Latin Album on Apple Music

Lead Photo: Photo by Daniel Alva
Photo by Daniel Alva
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After going viral on TikTok, Daniel Balderrama – aka DannyLux – has released a new album titled, Perdido En Ti. Within a few hours, the singer’s second album managed to secure the No. 1 spot on the Top Latin Album charts on Apple Music, once again raising the bar for modern-day corrido music.

The Palm Springs native picked up a guitar at age six. Today, he writes his own songs and records the sounds from his guitars and bass to the tracks all on his own. Adding a fresh spin to the well-known Regional Mexican music movement, DannyLux seems to be growing in this world, while using his music to help people in their time of need. 

With a gentle, hypnotic voice that could capture anyone’s attention, it’s no surprise that DannyLux keeps building a massive following. With more than 500 thousand followers on TikTok and 7.8 million likes, the singer-songwriter comes off approachable and sincere in his videos. Staying away from over-produced videos with flashy equipment and clothes, DannyLux succeeds at transporting us to his bedroom while serenading us with songs about love. 

The organic growth in DannyLux’s singing career speaks to his ability to connect with fans and provide a kind of sound that they seem to be yearning for. On TikTok, fans are quick to comment on how “soothing” and “relaxing” his music feels to them. On his most recent music video for his new single, “Infeliz,” the comment section is flooded with supportive comments that cheer him on and root for his success. 

With great things on the horizon, DannyLux makes it easy for us to root for him, too.