Video: Dante Spinetta & Residente's "Pa' Tras" ft. Andres Calamaro, La Tigresa del Oriente & Wendy Sulca

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Can a rockstar and two bizarre divas make up for Residente’s absence?

Argentine rapper Dante Spinetta has Calle 13’s MC as a guest on “Pa’ Tras,” the second single off his most recent album, Pyramide. But even with a multinational label backing and strong influential power, the Argentine rock legend heir was unable to get the Boricua rapper to appear in the video.

Instead he decided to invite Andrés Calamaro–we guess as a returning favor–since the author of “Mil Horas” had Dante in the video for his cumbia Las Tres Marías,” which we featured here a couple of months ago. You can also see creepy cut-out Residente faces on the dancers during his verse.

Now things take a turn to the bizarre when, not satisfied with just one guest, Dante goes and gets two of the weirdest South American cyber-cult divas: La Tigresa del Oriente and Wendy Sulca, from Peru.

Unless you’ve spent the last five years in cryogenic suspension or you just discovered the World Wide Web last week, you most probably saw at least one of the hilarious viral videos that made these two women into Internet sensations.

Wendy Sulca’s songs about boobs and booze (both recorded before she was 10 years old) have arguably become the Latin American equivalent to 2 Girls 1 Cup (only, not so vomit inducing). Now Wendy is toda una mujercita and tours rock festivals throughout the continent doing covers of Madonna and aiming to become the Latina Lady Gaga.

Can all these replace Residente? You decide…