Free Download: Dapuntobeat's "Exploited"

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Just because you’re known for making dance-oriented big beat electronic music doesn’t mean you have to be in denial about your rocker roots. That may be the case for many, but not the guys from Dapuntobeat.

These chilangos not only acknowledge that they grew up dressing in black leather and head banging to heavy metal, but they also pay homage to their roots in songs like “Exploited.” It’s the second single off their most recent release Off the Record and they’re giving it away for FREE. With strident guitar riffs that are a clear reference to ’80s hard rock over a tight uptempo beat, the track doesn’t even need any lyrics to get you going. Still, they do sing a little bit in the second half, right before the abrupt ending.

Overall it reminds me a lot of when Kinky used to get all punk rock on stage, but even harder, louder, and faster.

Download Dapuntobeat’s head banger turn below.