Video: Dávila 666's "Esa nena nunca regresó"

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Cults can be fun. That’s the overall message of Davila 666’s “Esa nena nunca regresó” video, directed by Puro Vicio, a frequent collaborator of the Puerto Rican punk-pop band. The video takes place at a blue-tinged beach, as an attitude-laden brunette sasses Davila’s singer (who never once blinks throughout the entire video), surrounded by blond zombies. She’s eventually restrained, tackled to the floor, and performed some sort of voodoo on. She rises again, a blondette clone. The horror! I thought it was going to end with Davila stealing her kidney or eating her face or something, so really, it’s quite tame.

Check out Davila 666’s gloomy-but-fun video for Tan Bajo track “Esa nena nunca regresó” below.