10 Questions for Davila 666

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Moshers of the world unite, Davila 666 is back with a brand new EP, Mala. Anyone who knows anything about Davila 666 knows that they’re dirty, of mind and body, just dirty all around. They sweat buckets on stage and spit seas all over the crowd, a fact that drives these moshers to the verge of a near orgasm during Davila 666 standards like “El Lobo,” “Callejón,” and “La Killer Bitch.” Now these six dudes from Puerto Rico are leaving their island behind for a bit to conquer (and maybe offend) Europe. It’s the band’s first time touring abroad, but we’re hoping their perversions and catchy punk ways will make audiences swoon and maybe, just maybe, join the mosh pit party along with us.

Last night Davila 666 played a raucous (and delightfully rough-sounding) show at Williamsburg’s The Knitting Factory (watch it on their streaming site). We had a chance to sit down before the show with a non-sweaty Carlos, whose Brit-inspired, one-legged  shimmy swagger and obnoxious mic yelps have captured the hearts and ears of head bangers everywhere. We shot out a quick 10 questions and learned a little more about Davila 666’s food preferences, favorite bands, and their unexpected romantic side.


1. Is there a formula to the Davila 666 sound?
Always catchy, always sexual, always wild and desperate sounding.

2. What other Puerto Rican bands right now are worth hearing/seeing?
Los Vigilantes and Las Ardillas.

3. What are your favorite cities to play in?
New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Milwaukee (ironically). Always a big party. Se ponen los cascos de ponerse bien locos.

4. What’s a usual night out for Davila 666?
We drink a lot (Medalla, whiskey, or limoncillo), we eat a lot, and we talk shit…about each other or people who aren’t in the room.

5. What are bands that you absolutely cannot live without?
The Spits, The Ramones, Nobunny, and Jacuzzi Boys.

6. What are your guilty pleasures?
Plan B (reggaeton band from PR), Clipse, any cheesy ’90s R&B…Aaliyah!

7. Since this is your first time in Europe, what souvenirs are you hoping to bring back?
Old movie posters, maybe a keychain from Germany with Adolf on it. I wish I could bring back food.

8. Can you describe Davila 666 in three words?
Loud. Snotty. Romantic.

9. If Davila 666 were a food, what would it be?
It would start off with something you wouldn’t normally eat, but the more you eat it the more you want it, until you have a horrible stomach ache and have to shit it out. Basically, any food from Puerto Rico.

10. If Davila 666 were an animal, what would it be?

**BONUS: If Davila 666 ever recorded a reggaeton song, what would it be like?
Definitely something about sex, and it would have a LOT of bass. The title would be “Entro por el V.I.P.”


Download Davila 666’s newest EP Mala at