Free Download: Davila 666's "Mala"

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They’ve been described as lo-fi garage rock, but that doesn’t quite capture all the layers of grime caked on to the dudes of Davila 666. Seriously, you’d probably feel squeaky clean compared to these guys even if it was your last day at Burning Man and you hadn’t showered the entire time. But the filth is part of their charm, and underneath it all is a band that is fundamentally creating great pop hooks. If you set aside the mullets and the menacing band name, you’ll find that Davila 666 is simply making trash pop at its finest.

The title track off their latest EP, Mala, is a brash, fuzzy tune with an irresistible hook that clocks in at just under two minutes. In that short time, the band manages to work up just the right amount of disdainful energy for a mini mosh pit. Mosh lite, if you will.

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