Video: Davila 666's "Patitas"

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While they’re off trotting the European side of the globe, Puerto Rico’s premium punks Davila 666 have a new video for us to hold us over until their return. Directed by Puro Vicio (aka Carlos Larrieu), who has collaborated with the band before, the video for “Patitas” illustrates the song (literally) perfectly. All entomophobes might want to leave the room right about now. Featuring some creepy crawlers (cockroach microphones and digitalized insects taking over the screen), “Patitas” is like any other Davila track: hyper short, a flash fiction of a song. Clocking in at just two minutes, the video rolls fast with strobes and glimpses of blatant boob balloons. But it’s the strung out go go dancer that does the trick, capturing the nature of Davila (catchy and cute while dark and filthy). So surrender to the fact that you’ll be singing “Tanta patita me camina por el la’o” over and over and over…

Watch Davila 666’s “Patitas” for a brief, gross-out punk dose.