DC's Empresarios get "Cumbia Salvaje"

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After a remarkable debut album and a stream of remixes, DC’s Empresarios are back with new original material. Bestia is the title of this new four-songs EP where the band moves away momentarily from their dubby, laid-back, early explorations to focus on their funkier side and on the dancefloor. This places them a lot closer to the dominant sound of Fort Knox Records: DJ-oriented funky house with an Afro-Latin twist.

Cumbia Salvaje,” available here as a free promotional download, is actually more the exception than the rule, but they needed to have at least one ñu-cumbia (in their debut, Sabor Tropical, there was also one, simply named “Cumbia,” this time they got a little more original). But in reality, the dancefloor-packing heavy hitters are the other three tracks, where the mid-tempo house grooves take over.

The lyrics are predictable and rather silly and the delivery may be way too reggaetonero for your alternative ears, but those arguments are irrelevant when making-you-dance is their only motivation. And anyway, if you really can’t get pass their reggaetón vocals, do not worry, the EP comes with the instrumental versions of the four tracks where you can really enjoy the delights of masterfully crafted top-notch beats.

To download, right click on the button bellow, or simply just click to stream.