De La Ghetto Talks New Single & Why ‘Being Independent Is the Way To Go’

Lead Photo: Photo by Ighor Cardozo.
Photo by Ighor Cardozo.
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Known as one of the most prominent reggaeton artists in el movimiento, the Nuyorican singer-songwriter and composer De La Ghetto is entering a new, independent era of music. Giving us the first taste of his upcoming album — his first as an independent artist — he presents “Loco Por Perrearte,” out today (March 4).

The Latine pioneer named Rafael Castillo introduced us to his newest upbeat track: a shifting, sensual beat that at its one-minute mark takes us on an unexpected beat-switch at the one-minute mark. “As soon as [Jorge] Milliano put this beat on, it just took me way back to my essence, to my roots. Like reggaeton, R&B, trap – it has that New York, American style, me entiendes?,” De La Ghetto tells Remezcla, bouncing back and forth between English and Spanish-language in a recent chat. 

“So as soon as we heard the beat, we just started vibing to it, and we just knew instantly that this was a single record. I just fell in love with the production when I heard it. Like wow! What is this beat? Is it reggaeton? Is this trap? Is this R&B? What are you going to call this beat? It has a little bit of everything in one, which is what we wanted to give to the public.”

Even though the two-time Latin Grammy-nominated artist has already left his mark in el movimiento with an impressive music catalog, De La Ghetto is embarking on a new chapter that re-focuses on him and his team. With no ties to a major record label for the last few months, he says he feels really good. “Me, my team, and my production squad, we just spend time aiming to do everything strategically, like this single release,” he explains. “Sometimes big companies don’t see you the same. And now I try to tell young artists – to tell everybody — that being independent is the way to go.”

Without the pressure of a major record label and the freedom to create whatever he wants to, when he wants to, De La Ghetto has reached a new creative peak, constantly going on week-long production camps to convey his ever-evolving music abilities. While the artist doesn’t have a set album release date (it will be this year, though!), he assures that every single leading to it will have a distinctive vision, and teases new collaborations with Jhay Cortez and Arcángel. 

Watch the futuristic, meta-verse music video for “Loco Por Perrearte” below.