Free Download: Delorean's "Stay Close" (RAC Mix)

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Remix Artist Collecive is a collective of artists who make remixes. It’s Friday, I’m tired, deal with it. Anyway, RAC released their official second volume of indie remixes, RAC VOL 2, on March 4th and in it we have a funky reincarnation of Delorean’s Subiza track “Stay Close.” To be honest, I like it more than the original. Producer (and RAC founder) André Allen Anjos brought the song’s innate joy to a climax and the music and vocals to a forefront, rather than maintaining the original’s faint consistency throughout. It’s danceable to the very end and I guarantee good vibrations on a Friday.

Download the even-better “Stay Close” by Delorean, remixed by Remix Artist Collective’s André Allen Anjos. And watch the original’s video below for illustration.