Free Download: Deltatron's "Capitulo 1: El Fin"

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So far, most of the much-blogged-about nu-cumbia stuff has been coming out of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and the U.S. But since cumbia is so popular in other countries of our continent, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find fresh new-school digital cumbias produced in places like, let’s say…Lima, Peru, too.

You thought the bizarre viral antics of Wendy Sulca and psychedelic chicha from the ’70s was all Perú had to offer? Think again. Deltatron is the first known Peruvian answer to the whole Zizek phenomenon, producing what he defines as dumbia, a sample-based, bass-heavy eletropical sound that’s as dark as it is hypnotic.

After a couple of successful self releases on his own netlabel, Terror Negro, Deltatron made this brand new EP for Argentina’s Sub Klub and besides three original instrumental compositions, it includes three remixes by well-known names in the Buenos Aires underground scene. Deltatron doesn’t like to show his face in pictures and keeps his real identity secret, but having such amazing artwork to illustrate his work, who really needs a photo?