Video: Dënver – "De explosiones y delitos"

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Ever since their magnificent release of Música, Gramática, Gimnacia back in 2010, we were wowed with this Chilean duo’s magnificent and well crafted catchy melodies and dolce harmonies, and since, we’ve been anxiously waiting for their next move. Sure, they released an astounding video off the aforementioned album, and in between last year we also heard a new stand alone single after the raved-about MGG. “De explosiones y delitos” is an indicator that whatever Dënver has planned musically will surely remain as equally superb if not more than its previous.

This latest video captures hearts and plants grins on our faces just watching Mariana Montenegro and Milton Mahan frolic around the South American desert on an dreamy and buoyant adventure. It also depicts their day to day chronicles as this ever new love develops and expands in newer forms. ¡Viva el amor!

[insert-video youtube=qakQsxbLy1M]