Video: Denver, Javiera Mena Live at Lollapalooza Chile

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Ugh, we wish we could have been there. We would have been bouncing along furiously to Astro, Fother Muckers, DJ Raff, and of course, Dënver and Javiera Mena, during their Lollapalooza Chile sets this past weekend. Luckily, we can pretend we were there after the fact, as scattered footage of the first-ever Chilean Lolla has been surfacing. Below watch duo Dënver’s take on “Los Adolescentes” as their set closer, coupled with a great light show, party synths, and a somewhat eager crowd. We would have been the eager-est. And continue the synth-heavy streak by watching Javiera Mena belt out “Luz De Piedra De Luna,” looking like a woodland nymph, cloaked in a delicate white frock. Next year!