Free Download: Dënver – "Los Surfistas Valientes"

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That shoegaze cherry pop vibe will never go stale so long as Dënver keeps dishing out lullabies of electronic infusion. Their cracked salt and ground pepper blend goes easy over a surfer picnic. Like dried jerky this one leaves strands of juicy flavors stuck between the teeth, washed down with a nice cold brew. For all you diligent internet researchers and die hard fans, you may notice that “Los surfistas valientes” was previously released on the B-sides to their LP Música, Gramática, Gimnasia, available for download exclusively, despite not making it on the final cut of the album.

A little past the half way mark on the song the drum machines kick in, pumping up the soothing spirits in Mariana Montenegro vocals and mystifying lyrics. She reminds me of a punkier Cranberries or a subdued Avril Lavigne, for better or worst. And while the song teeters about like a dreamy interlude to some grandiose delirium, it double-times into a rock song and then quiets down again with electro exits, like an android counting sheep. If robots had taste buds this song would splash a faint pulse into their syner-synaptic charges.