Free Download: Descartes A Kant – "Buy all my Dreams" (+ video)

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I’ve always been a fan of angry girl bands. Elis Peprika was my shit back in the day and Le Tigre is kind of my idol. Riot Grrl bands make me weak at the knees, so punked-out music with female vocals blasting in my ear always makes me happy. The raspy screams that Descartes a Kant pushes and the punky experimentation, brushing past alternative ’90s days to tricked out choral cants, makes me wish I was a teenager again. Sometimes, I think the kids these days have it so much easier. Bands like Descartes a Kant are not only keeping the tradition alive, but pushing the boundaries, free of all the stigma that previous trail blazing punkettes had to deal with in the industry. A part of me want to be bitter, and a little resentful of the handed down platform, audience and now facilitated success, but when you got talent you got talent. On this new vid, “Buy all my Dreams” (and free download!), from this insane clown posse, we’re not only getting a usual dose of ruckus, rabble rousing gusto, we’re getting some classic homage to the good old days. The vintage motif is more than à propos on this video and makes for an interesting contrast to the noisy back beats and guitars.

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