Descartes A Kant to release Il Visore Lunatique

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Four years after having rocked and shocked the pants off every conservative area in Mexico with their debut album Paper Dolls, the Tapatio sextet Descartes a Kant announces the release of their second full-length album Il Visore Lunatique (release date: Feb 2012, via Discos Intolerancia).

Buy All My Dreams” is the first single available and, if it’s any indication as to the overall sound of Lunatique, it’s a bit less schizophrenic than the band’s previous work. The track is more Dresden Dolls than it is The Locust or The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. It is, however, just as bipolar as anything on Dolls as the track switches over from pop-inflected melodies to hardcore breakdowns.

Descartes a Kant – Buy all my dreams by FilterMexico