Despite Tribute to Her Mom, Chiquis Clarifies Why She’s Not Attending Premios Juventud

Lead Photo: Photo by Emilio Sanchez.
Photo by Emilio Sanchez.
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Lead by Banda MS and Grupo Firme, the Premios Juventud award show will commemorate the late icon Jenni Rivera on her 10th year anniversary on July 21 by giving a warm tribute. Also, her children will be recipients of an “Agent of Change” award. However, despite circulating rumors, Chiquis will not be in attendance tonight, revealing the actual reason during an Instagram live.

On Wednesday (July 20), the “Abeja Reina” singer cleared up rumors through an Instagram live. “I’ve been hearing a lot of things, I usually ignore them. I usually don’t care much about clarifying these things because if it’s not one thing, it’s another. They always talk. Good or bad,” she said on the livestream. “And certain media, not all of them, certain media change things. But since in this situation it’s about my siblings… I wanted to talk directly with you… so that you know the truth.”

She continued: “You know that Premios Juventud is going to take place on Thursday, unfortunately, or fortunately, because there’s work, and thank God… I will not be able to be at Premios Juventud, and they are saying certain things. And to me, the most important thing is for you to know that my siblings and I are doing very well. I think we are better than ever, thank God. We communicate with each other every day, everything is fine. And I didn’t want certain things that are being said to affect that and [for them] to start thinking something that is not true.”

Chiquis then wrapped up the Instagram live by saying how she would’ve loved to perform and to have been present but that she can’t reschedule her prior commitments on Thursday and Friday. 

The  “Agent of Change” award will be awarded to Jacqie and Johnny Rivera. It’s to honor the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation for its spectacular work in helping women and children who have been victims of abuse of domestic violence.

Premios Juventud will be televised tonight, Thursday, July 21 at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT on Univision.