Diana Gameros Records Her First Studio Album

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Mexican singer-songwriter Diana Gameros needs your help. Like many other indie musicians nowadays, she opted for the kickstarter route in order to finance the recording of her ambitious debut album.

I know what you’re thinking, yes, she could just record it in her bedroom, with Garageband and put it up on bandcamp, it’d be free! But she wants to do it right, in a real studio, with a real engineer and a list of amazing guests, and that costs a lot of money.

That’s where you come in and become part of this project as an investor. You can even call yourself executive producer and add that to your resumé if it makes you feel more important. But truly, even with a small contribution, you’d be helping make this dream of hers come true and let me tell you, as someone who has seen her and profoundly enjoyed her live performances, she deserves it. Her music deserves it.

Originally from Ciudad Juárez, Diana currently lives in the Bay Area, and when she’s not playing big-name gigs (she just opened for Bebel Gilberto) or busking at a local farmers market, she cuts and pastes stop-motion video collages all by herself. She’s at the very last stretch of her kickstarter campaign and only needs a little push to reach the finish line and all you need to do to help is buy her album in advance. Cooler deals if you have deeper pockets.

To help Diana Gameros record her first studio album, click below: