Diddy Really, Really Loves Ibiza and He's Making a Documentary About It

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

I have never been to Ibiza. Nonetheless, I have managed to develop a number of notions – which may or may not be completely inaccurate – about the types of things that take place on this legendary Spanish party island. Things like:

– The Invention of New Music Genres With Names Like “Progressive Pyschotekk Hard EuroTrance Beat”

– Potentially Lethal Foam Parties

– Boat Pageants

– Parades of People Whose Wardrobes Contain Only White Clothing

– Infinity Seventeen Year Old Ravers

– All You Can Eat Seafood Banquet Challenge

I have longed for the opportunity to confirm or deny these impressions first hand, but unfortunately my bank account has never really gotten on board with the plan. Thankfully, Diddy is making a documentary that I hope will answer all of my burning Ibiza questions. Apparently, the hip hop mogul has had a long love affair with the island, as per the first line of his IBIZA documentary trailer: “I started coming to Ibiza 15 years ago, it changed my life.” The documentary is slated to drop this fall, and will showcase his VIP lifestyle – or “beep,” as they pronounce it en español – as he takes over the island’s nightlife. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pumped for this one. DALE DIDDY DALE.

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