Don't be scared, Diego Mena's "Yo Sentía Miedo" is a hit.

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Born in Santo Domingo, Diego Mena started his career in several alternative bands in the early 2000’s. Among those bands are Auro & CLEMT then moving on to his own band González in ’04. By 2008, we see Mena launching his solo project, with the smash hit album, Hey, presented at the prestigious Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York. The gravy train doesn’t stop there. With hit singles slipped out into the internet and plenty of videos with masked girls, it’s safe to say Mena might have a thing for naughty hide and go seek games. His sexual proclivities aside, Diego Mena presents a very produced or polished pop/rock Latin style that at time is irresistible and more often then not is simply danceable. Lets assume there’s no relation to Chilean artists Javiera Mena, but Diego Mena’s sound does correlate in tempo and pitch with the more swag solo artist Alex Anwaldter (a personal favorite). This Mena however takes those casual chords and injects them with a funky, almost Amigos Invisibles-esque volt of electro rock.

Whether it’s chasing girls with bunny masks or being chased by those honey-bunnies, Diego Mena is keeping busy with the forthcoming release of his second solo album, Doble Moral. In the meantime wrap your headphones around this sweet single, “Yo Sentiía Miedo.”

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