Diosque's Constante LP Available for Free Download For Today Only [ARG]

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For today only, you can download Diosque’s new album, Constante, via Quemasucabeza. The Argentine one-man show was recently adopted by the Chilean label and this 10-song collection is his new calling card.

Constante comes off more accessible than Diosque’s previous work. It feels like an invitation for new ears and bigger success (however he measures that). The album is tightly produced and hit generating (opener “Fuego” and single “Naranja” are two of these hopeful hits). I can see Constante making waves internationally and it would be greatly deserved.

Head to Quemasucabeza’s site and download Constante for free and watch “Naranja”‘s video below. It is incredibly amusing.

[insert-video youtube=nFgVUmxjeMw]