Video: Disco Ruido's "Amorfos"

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After championing at this past weekend’s Vive Latino, Disco Ruido has released this clip below for Sistema Solar track “Amorfos.” In it, a young duo of outsiders (plagued by gruesome facial warts) frolic around a yellow-kissed landscape and play hide and seek in the woods (reminds me a bit of Animal Collective’s “Peacebone” video). There’s a sense of first love and mutual comfort, but the initial sweetness of the plot (and the song) is shattered at the end when the kids become rabid and frustrated, kiss, and then die. So moral of the story: your first kiss will make your head explode? Something like that. We also see Disco Ruido singer Mercedes Nasta cloaked in hiding, petting a majestic unicorn, which I feel is a fantasy she finally fulfilled through this video.

Check out this off-kilter love story in Disco Ruido’s new video for “Amorfos.”