Free Compilation: Discoteca, Compilación Record Store Day 2012

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For record store day last month, some of the best names in Indie Mexico got together to release a hefty collection, chocked full of singles from some of the hottest acts known to the elite D.F. scene. I’d have to say the best ditties on this sampler have to be, hands down, Los Negretes with their very carnivorous rolling track, “Animales de zoológico.” But, the Dreamers give a smooth and sophisticated cut on “Appaloosa” right after, and Gravy Indie Union featuring Goma give a glorious performance on “Neon Lights.” Timmy and the Monsters also offer a nostalgic-tinged low-tempo continuation on “The Power of Solitude.” Pardon if I picked the most polished cluster-moment of the compilation, and I apologize if several of those tracks were English sung, but what can I say? My ear’s been turning to ambiguity and easy listening. Pop-indie triumphs like Happy-Fi and Sicario don’t necessarily need the plug, but watch out for more productions from Terrícolas Imbéciles.


1.- Caroll Of Bells” – Descartes A Kant / Discos Intolerancia
2.- Hookie – Ibi Ego/ Discos Tormento
3. All day every day (Demo) – Goma /
4.- Mi Mamá Se Fue (Me Caga Pink Floyd) – Pipe Llorens
5- Neon lights – Gravy Indie Union feat. Goma / Happy-fi
6.- Apaloosa – Dreamers / Discos Tormento
7.- Animales de Zoológico – Los Negretes
8.- The Power of solitude – TImmy & the Monsters / Sicario Music
9.- Lobo Hombre en París – Yellow Yesterday, El Mañana y Rodrigo Robles
10.- Los indiscretos – Vesspa / Inidie Alliance
11.- Doppelgängers – d3NdRON / Happy-fi
12.- Desde El Piso – Pato Machete (Featuring Luis Fara y Boscop Benavente) / Happy-fi
13.- Fantasía – Juan Soto / Sicario Music
14- Disco Beach – The Wookies / Sicario Music
15.- Trouble in my soul / Mexican Dubwiser (Pato Watson remix feat. Niña Dioz) / Terrícolas Imbéciles
16.- Animal – Agrupación Cariño (Ag. Cariño)