Free MP3: DJ Caso's "Step Dealers" ft. Tunacola, C-Funk & Chico Espinosa

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Over a year ago we introduced you to Tunacola, this electro-pop trio from Santiago de Chile with bilingual lyrics and a turntablist with underground cred. DJ Caso is said DJ, he was involved in Makiza‘s last incarnation (before Ana Tijoux went officially solo) and you may remember him for his guest appearance in Latin Bitman‘s celebrated Colour. Now it’s his time to get the spotlight, with the release of his official debut album as a producer.

In Cajón de Sastre all the eclectic influences of DJ Caso converge, from the abstract hip-hop for the hardcore beat-heads to the most up-beat electro for the crossover dancefloor. Caso doesn’t discriminate. There’s even a slowed-down cover of George Michael’s “Fast Love” renamed “Slow Love.” And of course plenty of stelar guests, starting with his band-mates from Tunacola, followed by C-Funk and Tea Time from Latin funk legends Los Tetas (who recently reunited in Chile) and Juan Sativo from rap en español pioneers Tiro De Gracia, among others.

Since Sunday, the album is available world-wide through  and here, for a limited time, you get one of its songs for free.

Step Dealers – Dj Caso (Cajón de Satre LP) (feat. Tunacola, C-Funk & Chicho Espinoza) by djcaso

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