DJ Melo releases "Provisions: Trouble Math Set"

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Remezcla friend DJ Melo had so much fun playing at Provisions that had had to share the set with the world. In his own words:

This is NOT a live set!! I recently got invited to play at Provisions. I gotta say it’s the most forward thinking music night in Phoenix. I really liked my set that night, so I redid it on Abelton. Good times!! Big up Degha & Pablo Gomez who also played that night…

If everything at Provisions delivers like this, we agree with Melo. This 27 track mix bounces between EDM, hip-hop, nu-cumbia, and moombahton, from a diverse set of artists primed to melt your brain and keep you moving in every direction.

Want more? RSVP to see DJ Melo perform with Mexican Institute of Sound and Los Macuanos on February 8th. This is the biggest Latin Alternative event Phoenix has to offer.