Free Download: DJ Monikkr – "Ran Out of Love" ft. Channii

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Also the resident DJ of NYC’s notorious The Wolf Party, today’s free download track comes from Peruvian via New York’s DJ Monikkr featuring Channii called “Ran Out of Love.” Once the tune’s catchy main line leads into the vocals, you realize you’re not listening to a New Order remix with a clap intro. The beat smacks as it gets higher and more intense and then wait for it, waaaait for it…

…wait a little longer.

There it is. At 1:56.

Ya know those clear colored, alien-like sound tubes you can get from toy stores and retail chain department stores? No? Well, they DO apparently have a name other than “those goofy tubes from Target that make those weird sounds.” They’re called GROAN TUBES. The video is probably gonna have a symphony of naked women moaning their groan tubes as the groan melody hits in the middle. They should reenact what it would be like to actually play the groan tube line with real groan tubes as opposed to electronics, turning them upside down to match the line.

All in all, the vocals are catchy as well and “Ran Out of Love” sounds like it would be a hit. But thing is, it needs to be renamed “Ran Out of Groan Tubes” cause I’ll be honest, fellas… it was sounding great. But.. I could’ve used a little more groan tubes. I’m telling you – you’re gonna want that groan tube on the track, cause GUESS WHAT? I got a FEEEVAH! And the only prescription.. is more GROAN TUBES. Count how many times the word “groan” appears in this free download description and THAT is how many lines, I mean times you should listen to this irresistible pumpin’ tune.

[insert-video youtube=QwGbtrubTQQ]