Free Download: DJ Orion and Guapo Feo's club-core OG Series. Vol. 2

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I dunno what they’ve been putting in the water in Austin, TX lately but Guapo Feo and DJ Orion have been mixing up some out of control chain saw grinding beats. “Seductive Eggman,” by Orion, is the cleanest track on the recently released, Volume 2 of their hit series Moombahcore and Boombahchero; the OG Series.Oro En Polvo” and “Sinfonia del Diablo,” by Guapo Feo, are as gritty and sinister as their titles promise. Orion’s remix of Shrillex12th Plannet prove that this crew is on a whole other tip.

Download the industrial, dark club dance-core delight by Orion and Guapo Feo from their continued OG Series Vol. 2 below.