Video: DJ Raff – "Battle Life"

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Barcelona via Chile’s trip-hop turntablist, DJ Raff wowed, and quite possibly revived, Latin America’s electro-dance hip hop scene and beyond with the release of his U.S. debut Latino and Proud last year. This cat has been at it for what seems like centuries, carrying his unique blend of seasoned wisdom with fresh and authentic jolts of youthful beats. His crossover to the States with Nacional Records definitely stands as a unique opportunity to expand markets and produce clever videos, like that for “Digital Rain (en el desierto)” and now his most recently hyped clip, “Battle Life.”

Even though Halloween is long gone, and that dark grinding techno may be more than a seasonal fad (probably more of a lifestyle for some), we see DJ Raff shine on this Gaspar Antillo and Santiago Correa co-directed clip as he’s chased down into dark streets and onto drug glazed existentialism. The pairing of moving images and music will always be an art left for masters.

[insert-video youtube=2heqx9SH9Ds]