DJ Sabo

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Name: DJ SABO (nickname given to me at soccer camp at age 8, comes from my last name Sabatini)

Roots: Italian American/ Irish /Dutch ensaladita

Where do you live? an overpriced closet in the east village

Describe your music in 3 words: dubfunkinbassbumpin afrolatin grooves

How did you become hooked on latin music and rhythms? when I was 15 I went to Sevilla to study Spanish. I was going out to clubs, partying and dancing with the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. I have been addicted to the culture and rhythms ever since

Where do you buy new music: Turntable Lab, DanceTracks, online, random street corners

Last record you bought: Los Cabrones “Hola Que Tal”

Favorite track of the moment: Delvin & Ken N “Ritmo Carimbo”

Most overplayed track: Salome de Bahia “Otro Lugar” but it still works every time!

Best gig of the summer: playing the garden of the Cooper Hewitt Museum on a Friday night at sunset, with 100’s of “uptowners” getting down to music they surely had never heard before.

Miami vs NY: NYC is the shit in the summer, but Miami has the missing elements we don’t have all year round: PLAYA Y SOL!
“You would never guess it but I….” actually was a big electrical engineering nerd in college

What does “cosmopolatino” mean anyway? ni puta idea…gringo con sabor?

**Fly down to la playa y sol to catch DJ SABO spinning at the 2nd annual NY/Miami Latin Funk Festival in Miami on Nov. 6th. For more SABO info, go to his page . **