D'marquesina's Top 10 Favorite Mixes of All Time

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If you like reggaeton, you’ll probably like D’marquesina. If you like merengue, you’ll like D’Marquesina. If you like cumbia, you’ll like D’marquesina. Basically, if you like music, you’ll like D’marquesina. The Puerto Rican duo–formed by Héctor and Glori–loves to mix everything they grew up listening to, geared toward hyping up the crowds with nostalgia and sweaty mandates. It’s all about transporting back to when you wore braces and bell bottoms (because they were totally cool in 1995), had your mom and dad drop you off car pool style at someone’s empty garage, “culead” in a circle chanting “Go Glori, go go, go Glori!” slow danced to Ricky Martin’s “Fuego de Noche, Nieve de Día” with “el nene más mono de 6to grado,” and then lamented your 11 p.m. curfew. Their music tastes like pre-pubescence, but with all the maturity of looking back and adding in contemporary flavors.

But whether or not you had that awkward adolescence (guilty!), just about anyone can get down to D’marquesina. Case in point: they’re holding it down around the country as part of Heineken Inspire’s MezclaSonic Summer Tour, alongside fellow DJs Mexican Institute of Sound and Nacotheque.

But read on to find out what makes D’marquesina’s collective heart sing: their Top 10 Favorite Mixes of All Time.


1. “Carmensita” by Devendra Banhart (Toy Selectah Re-fix)

Toy Selectah has many great remixes, this is just one of them.

2. “Kingston Town” by Alborosie (Uproot Andy Remix)

Merengue + Skanking= good combination of fast and slow together.

3. “El Tigeraso” by Maluca (disqueDJ Remix)

4. “Ojo Avizor” by MIMA (D’marquesina Remix)

Listening to MIMA sing is always great + why not add some merengue/calypso to be able to dance?

5. “Cut it Up Baron” by Vico C (Greatest Hits Remix)

El Filósosfo, this is a great remix of his best songs one after the other in four minutes.

6. “Kumbia Dark” by Kumbia Queers ( The Cure Cover)

They have the creativity to cover many different songs in their own style. Who would of thought The Cure in cumbia? Esto es para ti Robert E’smith! Stream it HERE.

7. “Jump in the Line” by Harry Belafonte (John Bourke Bmore Remix)

I grew up listening to Harry Belafonte, people love the original song. This remix just rocks the party.

8. “Brush Your Shoulder Cumbia” by Jay-Z (DJ DUS)

This remix is so smooth that it seems that Jay-Z just recorded this track as an original.

9. DJ Nature – Cat Power Remix

Even though this remix is not from the late ’90s/early 2000s era when Nature had the best parties in Puerto Rico, it just reminds me of those times. And props to Nature who’s the one who influenced me to DJ.

10. Tie betweenKalise” by El Guincho & “Hold The Line” by Major Lazer (Frikstailers Remixes)

Main photo by Javier Romero.


Catch D’marquesina alongside Babasonicos and other Heineken MezclaSonic DJs (Mexican Institute of Sound and Nacotheque) in LA on August 27th as part of the Heineken Inspire MezclaSonic Summer Tour. Click HERE for more info on how to get tickets, which cover entrance, music, food, beer, Heineken taste testing, gaming area, t-shirt silk screenings, and más!