Video: Hangueando con D'marquesina

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We’re fans of D’marquesina. Needless to say. Their parties make us feel young again, fun again, free again, maybe even a bit dirty (all that perreo weighs in on your conscience). But it’s that brashness and total party-starting ability that led them to be featured as part of the Heineken MezclaSonic Tour, the country-wide concert series that hit up Miami, New York, LA, and Chicago, well-equipped with artists like Argentina’s Babasonicos, and the MezclaSonic DJs (Camilo Lara project Mexican Institute of Sound and New York duos Nacotheque).

The Heineken MezclaSonic series highlights the clashing of cultures and music styles, enabling its DJs to create tailored mashup mixes for the masses.

Watch the video above for an exclusive look at how D’marquesina came to be, from a small art project to a booming all-out baile. Hear what their cohorts have to say about their rather off-kilter style and see Glori sometiéndole al micrófono and Héctor holding it down.