Doctor Krápula, Manu Chao, and Friends Collaborate to Save the Amazonas

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Nowadays that it’s trendy for so many gringos to go down to the Amazon in search of shamanic experiences of self-discovery, it’s pertinent to remind the world of the atrocities committed in the name of progress and civilization, not only to the jungle’s ecosystem but also to local culture.

Colombia’s ska-rock outfit Doctor Krápula wanted to do just that, dedicating a whole album to the preservation of the Amazonian aboriginal culture, and on the way they found a lot of like-minded world-renown artists willing to join this non-profit project. Amongst the multiple guest stars sprinkled around this 26-track ambitious album you’ll find all the usual suspects, starting with Manu Chao, Cafeta’s Rubén Albarrán, Aterciopelados’ Héctor Buitrago, Maldita Vencidad’s Roco, one of Caifanes, Bersuit’s former frontman Gustavo Cordera, Celso Piña and many many others, including some locals doing their traditional chants as interludes.

Learn more about the Ama-Zonas project here, and stream the album below.