Chico Mambo Forced to Move Dominican Urban Fest Because United Palace Theater Fears Revolú

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The Dominican Urban Fest’s promoter Chico Mambo checked in on Alofoke’s radio show on KQ 94.5 FM to explain why he was foced to move the Dominican Urban Fest from the United Palace Theatre to much smaller venue the Lehman Center in the Bronx, citing concerns from the venue about possible violence due to heavy ticket sales in the underage concertgoer bracket.

The festival, set for Wednesday November 26th, hosts a promising lineup for some of the island’s best in dembow and hip-hop, with Don Miguelo, Lapiz Conciente, El Poeta Callejero, Mozart La Para, and Melymel counted on for appearances. In the interview, Chico Mambo expresses his frustration with what he feels is discrimination against the urbano community from the venue.

According to the promoter, the United Palace Theatre in Washington Heights voiced their concerns about ticket sales for the under 18 crowd because for fear of brawls breaking out during the performances.

Or, could it be that ticket sales were sluggish and they were forced to make the judgement call to move the show to a smaller, cheaper venue? This was in the instance in the case of a similar line-up in the Dominican Republic over the weekend, as reported on an Alofoke segment.

There seems to be some pre-emptive—and, if we’re being honest, racist–decision making happening in the case of the Urban Fest’s future later this month.