Don't ask "Why," just download She's A Tease' single for Free

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Millonaria, the new album by She’s A Tease, our favorite genre-bending Monterrey musicians, has been blowing up the internet since its recent September release. With their famed videos and groovy disco to 80’s riffs, She’s A Tease may seem like a chaotic mess at first, but upon second glance you can start to see semblances of sonic-integrity in their work. While trailing vocals and teeny-bopper lyrics may not be enough for the weathered, and more cynical sound testers and culture-curators, lets just say She’s A Tease will curb your senses. Their recent SXSW and Vive Latino performances are enough to set them up with the ranks of some of Monterrey’s very best acts, including Control Machete, Plastilina Mosh, and Kinky. These electro-rock ruffians have shared the stage with the likes of Santigold and Chromeo, which must mean their swaying solo instrumentals and choral vocals, combined with Cut Copy-esque playfulness must make them worth the fuss.

Enjoy this subtly reggae riding single, “Why” (iTunes Song of the Week, where you can DL for FREE by clicking on the image below) and let the love flow like prepubescent fornications.