On Thursday, Cardi B and her father were going about their business in New York when Gelena Solano, a reporter for El Gordo Y La Flaca, ambushed them on the street. The visibly overwhelmed and blindsided Cardi took a moment to gather her thoughts, as the pushy reporter tried to find common ground with Cardi by telling her she was also Dominican.

“Yeah but, do you see how I look,” Cardi said, presumably trying to explain that she was not ready for an interview. “I have my daughter and my dad with me. I just don’t look decent. Come on, you’re a woman and you come out with makeup, I don’t look good, my hair’s fucked up. Don’t do that to me.”

Not wanting to take the L, the reporter then attempted to interview Cardi’s father, who the singer is extremely protective of. That’s when Cardi lost her patience and went back out from a store to tell the news crew not to put her father on TV, citing his lack of a daily security detail, and potential risk that would come to him with fame.

Check out the video below.