PREMIERE: Doris Anahí’s ‘Que Sufras’ Invites Us to Meet Her New Bolero Persona

Lead Photo: Photo by Photo by Melissa Lunar.
Photo by Photo by Melissa Lunar.
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A classic Latine act has been brewing since the start of Doris Anahí’s behind-the-scenes career in indie music. And now, seeing her thrive and owning her deserved spotlight, she is delivering that same unmatched passion that we all recognize from her artist management days into her own project. It is until today (Feb. 10), that Doris Anahí finally decided to give us a taste of her music magic with the release of her first music video “Que Sufras” on Casa Mija via Altafonte— and we are beyond thrilled to be premiering this instant modern bolero gem’s intimate music video.

Filmed in both Mexico City and Echo Park – two of the most important cities in her life — Doris Anahí delivers a heart-wrenching anthem that was co-created by Camilo Lara (Disney Pixar’s Coco, Mexican Institute of Sound) and producer Ex Mañana (Pitbull, Celine Dion, Throughout the video clip, we see the singer-songwriter’s eyes that carry so much love, loss, and emotion, and the way it is delivered through her soulful vocals and heartbreaking lyrics. We’ve been anticipating this first single’s release, and are looking forward to her full debut album. The music video was directed by Jazmin Garcia, who has previously worked with AKUA, Cuco, San Cha, to name a few artists. Their vision for this came to life in just a week of plotting.

“‘Que Sufras’ is a heartbreak anthem, written from the place when you’re trying to make sense of why people would rather suffer instead of receive… es de un dicho de mami que dice, ‘a los hombres encantan sufrir, so déjalos sufrir’ [it comes from a saying that my mom says, ‘men love to suffer, so let them suffer],” Doris Anahi told Remezcla in a statement. “Over the years, I realized this song can apply to anyone, including yourself because sometimes we can bring our suffering upon ourselves and stay in it.”

Embodying the classic bolero vibe and serenading the song to those who are lucky enough to witness this improvised magic from a window afar, Doris Anahi instantly takes us to her world that is noticeably influenced by Mexico’s bolero era of the 1950s. A second scene takes us to a more intimate setting, her bathing off her old skin – presumably gracefully washing away the past — as it has already served its purpose — and inviting in her upcoming future as a singer-songwriter.

Watch the exclusive video premiere below. 

Doris Anahi started off her year with a bang. She collaborated in a film MIJA with four-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker Isabel Castro, where she shared details about her personal and work life in the Latine music industry. MIJA was premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Since then, it has captivated not only the Latine music community, but the hearts of everyone dealing or has dealt with DACA or immigrant-related issues in pursuing their “American Dream.”

The way Doris Anahi puts passion in all she does – from serving her Latine community as an event organizer to paving a creative space for Latine artists — shows the quality of her work. Now, we are excited to see her flourish as one of the emerging Latine music representatives of our generation.