Download Late Nite Howl's demo and drift into folk farandola

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You’re a precocious 17-year-old city slicker running around the “underbelly of carnivals.” You’re that little brown girl lurking about the Old Town School of Folk Music, desperately falling in and out of love with boys and girls with flopping hair and hipster style. You’re a poet who wants to write fiction, and you inspire brilliance in everyone and everything you set your judgmental perching lips against. The furrow of your brow has been known to cause riots and you unknowingly sit in parks eating frituras made of your ancestors. You meet a gay-beige boy and give him all the music in your pockets. He greedily snatches it all, leaving none for you. That boy grows a fist on his forehead and hears a song everyday for the rest of his sad life-after, thinking of you in every chord.

That might be something you’d expect from the excerpt of some sappy amateur music critic’s rendition of one of Late Nite Howl‘s very Allen Ginsberg meets Eliot Smith on a good day songs. With wafts of Sufjan Steven and Devandra Banhart still thick in the spliff and incense air, the music inevitably guides eyes to windows eagerly calling for introspection on tracks like “Days Have Gone” off the soft-acoustic twanged melodies of solo artist, Pablo Dodero Carrillo. The thirty year old, singer, composer, guitarist and Tijuana indie scene pioneer looks to release a more polished version of this EP later this year. In the meantime, enjoy these delightful demo downloads and try not of float too far off into some dreamy hyperbole while drifting through each track.

Late Nite Howl – Songs by latenitehowl