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What happens when a veteran Latin percussionist and friends join a songwriter by the name of Enrique Chi, determined-to-fuse-the-sounds-of-his-bi-cultural-heritage-by-blending-Afro Cuban rhythms with melodic indie rock!?! Incendiary tunes such as “Tormenta” and “La Marcha” are ignited into the atmosphere, radiating from a group with a powerful live dynamic, ambitious enough to bridge the gap between both worlds. Hell, they’ve already played alongside with South American artists like Aterciopelados, Alejandro Marcovich of Caifanes), indie darlings as Delta Spirit, Cursive, and done the U.S. three times (and coming again soon)! These songs are perfect examples of how a band like Making Movies has potential to make mainstream crossover appeal with their infectious mambo, cumbia, and reaggaeton rhythms, spliced in with indie rock aesthetics, bilingual tunes, and a final ingredient of mainstream pop rock sound glossed over. “Tormenta” is like listening to two different songs playing out of two different windows in two different neighborhoods at the same time by accident, except this mash up sound doesn’t suck, it doesn’t suck at all, it just sounds perfect.

Download “Tormenta” and “La Marcha” from Making Movies. It’s like four songs for the price of none and it’d be well worth the price anyways.

Making Movies
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