Download Sol Okarina's folk fantasy song "Contacto"

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So, you’re mad crushing on this sexy individual and all you wanna do is tell them: “Look yo, let’s just sleep together one night. Just one night.” Get straight down to business, clear and direct. Well, Venezuelan singer, Colombia-based Sol Okarina wrote just the song for your particular predicament. Just light that candle and invite your unsuspecting friend over for the a full briefing on all your wild fantasies. Consider this a folky, casual and warm invitation. No pressure. Just a good old, intimate and relaxed night. Maybe, a little wine? Yeah, I’m pretty sure this very Latin American number will help seduce anyone you play it for, but perhaps not in the way you’d thought.

The intro-track “Contacto” off Sumergible is more of a light and airy track, that invites you to smile and laugh at the ridiculous antics we put ourselves through for love. If you’re willing to laugh at yourself, and accept all of your own ridiculous follies, then snagging that special someone in the sack won’t seem that daunting in the end. Just remember to play safe. No glove, no love. Oh, and check out her upcoming CMJ showcase at NY’s S.O.B.s.

Sol Okarina – Contacto