"Du Hast Mich" and Other Radio Dedications to the Heroes and Antiheroes of World Cup 2014

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It’s been tough out there for Latin American teams in this year’s World Cup. As we pour all of our remaining hope into Argentina as they go head to head with the Netherlands this afternoon, we’ve prepared a playlist dedicated to lamenting our heroes and bidding adieu to our antiheroes from this year’s tournament. From a Vicente Fernandez tribute to the beloved Piojo, to “Pinches Holandeses” from our favorite spokesperson from the Mexican-Costa Rican-Chilean Alliance Against Robben, we have all the feels covered.

Germany’s dedication to Brazil: Ramstein’s “Du Hast Mich”

[insert-video youtube=Ecupc6NDZY8]

From David Luiz to James Rodríguez: Oscar de Leon’s “Llorarás”

[insert-video youtube=So91SDCSPVU]

Dedicated to Arjen Robben: Aventura’s “El Malo”

[insert-video youtube=6WeMiC-CJHA]

From Costa Rica, to their millions of fans: Wilfrido Vargas’s “Volveré”

[insert-video youtube=u1FvZy55kh0]

Remezcla’s dedication to El Piojo: Vicente Fernandez’s “El Rey”

[insert-video youtube=YZBHetgXKb4]

For Memo Ochoa: Los Enanitos Verdes’ “La Muralla Verde

[insert-video youtube=UoeTkpNF2X4]

From referee Pedro Proença, dedicated to Mexico: Amanda Miguel’s “El Me Mintio”

[insert-video youtube=MdzqkiUO-4c]

Luis Suarez’s dedication to Giorgio Chiellini: Paralisis Permanente’s “Quiero ser tu perro”

[insert-video youtube=LZmC3gM6TyY]

What’s currently in Neymar’s headphones: Raulin Rodriguez’s “Que Dolor”

[insert-video youtube=c041Zlz5Rn8]

This one goes out to Howard, Nava, and Ochoa: Leo Dan’s “Esa Pared”

[insert-video youtube=yTcXdeixIb8]

Mexico’s dedication to Pedro Proença: Shakira’s “No”

[insert-video youtube=WhoPPnDiY5c]

To Pablo Armero (or the whole Colombia team): Ilya Kuryaki’s “A Mover el Coolo”

[insert-video youtube=V1Hp8eQ5Xwc]

For Donovan’s fans: “Rigo Tovar – Cuando Vuelvas Tú”

[insert-video youtube=a5TOfZqCRsc]

Spain’s team to the World Cup: Bronco’s “Nunca Voy Olvidarte”

[insert-video youtube=z2OIdSr6d8w]

For Alejandro Sabella: Cafe Tacvba’s “Dejate Caer”

[insert-video youtube=VfwlDbUuJ50]

For Colombia’s celebratory dance: Wilo D’New’s “El Meneito”

[insert-video youtube=MvHQihuZtSI]

For the first water break in World Cup history: Eddie Santiago’s “Lluvia”

[insert-video youtube=77voGMwjsfY]

To the World Cup mascot, Fuleco: Bronco’s “Como Balón de Futbol”

[insert-video youtube=xAfo5QMbk-g]

For Cristiano Ronaldo: Mauricio Garces’ “Soy Tan Precioso”

[insert-video youtube=_brSYUg7ARs]

From Luis Suarez to Giorgio Chiellini: Paquita la del Barrio’s “Rata de Dos Patas”

[insert-video youtube=9obV__MFMaY]

To Kyle Beckerman’s dreadlocks: Los Cafres’ “Dreadlocks”

[insert-video youtube=Ok46KIWyJEQ]

From Kyle Beckerman to FIFA: Gloria Trevi’s “Pelo Suelto”

[insert-video youtube=o2nDQO98mJo]

To the Netherlands, from the Mexican-Costa Rican-Chilean Alliance Against Robben: “Pinches Holandeses”

[insert-video youtube=RmQ1xw6dXp0]