Free Download: Eddy Núñez's "Vivimorimorivivi"

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If you thought Rita Indiana y Los Misterios alum Eddy Núñez was going to come hard with some electro-merengue Dominican free for all, nada que ver. “Vivimorimorivivi,” the recent release from Núñez’s debut solo project Ensueñanza, has little do with his work with Rita Indiana. Working from home on the demos, Núñez comments, “Ensueñanzas has to do with entering my dreams, believing them, living them and learning to make them a reality. This solo project is an intimate place for release […] inspired a lot by duality as a means of reflection to reach equilibrium, organic music, the simple, the Caribbean, analogue sounds, and naturalism.”

The allusively tinged “Vivimorimorivivi” is softer, darker, and dare I say more traditional? Classic guitar compositions and edgy, oscillating accordion chords ride against a listless beat and borderline manic depressive lyrics. “Como yo aprendo a morir” might rub you as a little morbid for one of the main men of such an innovative and electric Santo Domingo band, but Núñez’s solo project marks his own unique style and ode to edgy undertones.

Download “Vivimorimorivivi” from Eddy Núñez’s upcoming solo project Ensueñanza.