Eduin Caz Announces Retirement – What It Means for Grupo Firme

Lead Photo: Photo by Music VIP.
Photo by Music VIP.
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Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz is leaving the stages soon. On July 30, the Mexican vocalist seemingly announced his upcoming retirement in a birthday celebration post.

In a post celebrating his 30th birthday, Caz revealed his plans to retire. “I have told you many times in my stories that I am leaving soon and it’s not a lie,” he wrote. “I always had a goal, which has already been fulfilled, but it made me lose all my emotional stability in my life.”

He said that he’s lost many things in life, but that he’s always tried to balance it out and believe that things happen for a reason. He also mentions that he needs to get back to thinking about himself and feeling good about himself.

Before closing the post, he reassured Grupo Firme isn’t disbanding and that he’s not going solo. “It’s not the end of the group, I’m not going to become a soloist, I’m just saying goodbye because from what I see I only have 3 dates left to complete and I’m going to get my life back 😎🙏🏻♥️ THANK YOU FAMILY 🤓.” 

Based on his social media posts, there’s a lot that’s been going on in Caz’s personal life that could be taking a toll on him. In July, he posted a video of him emotional, with the caption: “And if I fall down, I get up again.” In May, he published that he lost his grandmother, but that the show “had to go on.” Moreover, Caz has also been in the spotlight due to his romantic life throughout his musical career. Last November, he divorced the mother of his three children, the influencer Daisy Anahy, after multiple cheating allegations. However, even though they aren’t officially together anymore, the two have been seen together celebrating their children’s milestones

But this doesn’t mean that it’s all over just yet. In a recent conversation with Remezcla, Caz revealed that Grupo Firme is currently working on a new album that doesn’t completely fit in the música Mexicana category. “There are a lot of collaborations that I’m very passionate about with artists in other genres outside of regional Mexican music,” he said at the time. “We’re incorporating a lot of fusions with the style of those artists with our style. We’re going to take our Mexican roots to other countries.”