Free Download: El Columpio Asesino’s "Pez en la Ola"

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In the past five years, El Columpio Asesino has garnered a strong following in Spain and Mexico, currently while promoting the forthcoming release of their fourth album Diamantes, dropping early next month via Mushroom Pillow (home to fellow spaniards Triángulo de Amor Bizarro and Delorean). “Toro,” the first single off the anticipated album, has been ripping through radio and press coverage abroad. Available for FREE download below is an aquatic composition, “Pez en la ola,” which rises and falls like a soft wave. The song, simple and coarse, slowly flows then crashes. The tone of the song remains dangerously casual with its revving intro, soft and melodious interlude, and pop-punk finale. “Toro” comes quickly and calmly. In a monotone call and response that echoes The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cristina and Álbaro play each other’s complimentary vocals like musical instruments with Clash crescendo.

Few groups can smoothly shift styles and sounds within a single song, but listening to “Toro” is like watching a good ol’ fashioned toreo. Listening to “Pez en la ola” is like taking a long swim in the ocean. The track teases, ebbs, and delivers with un-anguished execution. El Columpio Asesino offers the finesse and determined calm of an ears-and-tail-earning bullfighter and the collective control of the tide.

Listen to “Toro” below and snag “Pez en la ola” from El Columpio Asesino’s forthcoming album Diamantes for FREE.

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