Video: El Columpio Asesino's "Toro"

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Coming from a Spanish band with a single titled “Toro,” I was scared this video would include some bullfighting, or some other animal cruelty. Fortunately, none of that is to be found in El Columpio Asesino’s video for their first single. Not only were there no animals harmed during the shoot, there’s not even one mention of a bull in the song’s lyrics, which leads me to believe “Toro” must mean something else in their vernacular slang (maybe some substance that keeps you up dancing all night, as the chorus suggests?).

Combining strident guitar riffs with up-tempo electronic, dancefloor-friendly beats and a retro-goth aesthetic, “Toro” has to be every Alaska fan’s wet dream. And we all know there are thousands of those on this side of the Atlantic, who never outgrew the ’80s new romantic wave. I just hope the use of see-through male shirts in this video is purely ironic and they’re not trying to bring back one of the most horrific faux pas in the history of fashion. Other than that, the combination of this great video with this catchy song is a real matador (yay, puns!).

Watch the super ’90s video (all black clad and strobe heavy) for El Columpio Asesino’s “Toro” below and download another worthy ECA hit “Pez en la Ola” off their album Diamantes HERE.